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FREE 4th of July Mini-Kit!

Happy Murica’ Day!

We would like to help you to save some time on this 4th of July by giving you our 4th of July Mini-Kit. This kit was put together to help you engage your members through social media and at the same time give them some value. See what is included below.

4th of July Mini-Kit includes:

  • 2 Happy 4th! Images (Share on your school FB page and in your students group)
  • 1 Murica’ Meme (Just a funny post to add entertainment to your page)
  • 1 4th of July Music Mix (This is for you to share with your students and families, it is a clean, family-friendly, music mix that is perfect for their BBQ, party, or to play during fireworks.)
  • 1 Facebook Copy for Music Mix Post (link for the music mix is included in the Facebook copy)