Blanket Fort Nite




We need builders STAT, so drop into our new Blanket Fort Nite Kit! Your students will have a blast fighting zombies, building forts, and taking out the competition in a battle Royale that they will never forget! Don’t let your teammates down, ready up for our Blanket Fort Nite!

Check out what’s included!

– Flyers (8.5 x 11)
– Posters (11 x 17)
– Class Outline (Includes step-by-step instructions for games like: Battle Readiness Course, Lock N’ Load, Supply Run, First Encounter, Heal Up, Get The Cure, Dash, Dance Party, and Battle Royale!)
– Weekly Action Planner (marketing)
– Audio Instruction Tracks
– 3 Facebook Ad Images
– 3 Instagram Images
– 2 Animated GIF’s
– Snapchat Geofilter
– Student Sign-up Sheets
– Parent Sign-in Sheets
– Guest Safety Waiver
– Guest Follow-up Procedures
– 2 Email Templates
– Professional video teaser ad

– Professional full length (30-45 seconds) video ad