Blast to the Future




Great Scott! This Parent’s Night Out is sure to be a great time! Your students will team up with the professor to help chase down the outlaw Jessie James throughout time! Jessie has escaped from his time period by using one of the professors time travel machines and only your students can stop him! Check out what is included below!

– Flyers (8.5 x 11)
– Posters (11 x 17)
– Class Outline (Includes step-by-step instructions for games like: Glow Bowling, Wild West Duel, Samurai Showdown, Mob War, Plastic Cup Pyramid, Campfire Snacks, Raptor Hunt, Catapult Defense, and You Sunk My Pirate Ship!)
– Weekly Action Planner (marketing)
– 11 Audio Instruction Tracks
– 3 Facebook Ad Images
– 3 Instagram Images
– 2 Animated GIF’s
– Snapchat Geofilter
– Student Sign-up Sheets
– Parent Sign-in Sheets
– Guest Safety Waiver
– Guest Follow-up Procedures
– 2 Email Templates
– Professional video teaser ad

– Professional full length (30-45 seconds) video ad