Blaster Wars PNO Action Kit




The Blaster Wars PNO Action Kit takes nerf gun battles to a whole different level. Your students will be enlisted in the Planet Protection Squad where Major Steele will train them and get the ready for battle against the evil Alien Invasion.

The Blaster Wars PNO Kit Includes:

  • Class Outline w/ 8 Different Activities
  • Weekly Action/Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Materials
    • Facebook Ad Images
    • Instagram Images
    • Video Ad for Social Media
    • Email Templates
  • Flyers
  • Student Sign-Up Sheets
  • Parent Sign-In Sheets
  • Guest Safety Waiver
  • Blaster Wars Snapchat Filter
  • 11 Major Steele Audio Files
    • Major Steele gives the kids instructions for each activity
  • Snapchat Filters
  • Alien Target Printable