Caped Crusade Audio Drills




Level Up Audio Drills have become a must have experience for martial arts schools everywhere. Instructors have even started using these drills at school talks, assemblies, discovery days, & more because it adds an increased cool factor for kids everywhere!

Kids get the excitement of playing a video game with the action of a full workout. Kids will punch, kick, dodge, jump, and move their way through any techniques you teach at your school. Each audio track provides a different challenge for your students.

What’s Included?
12 Caped Crusade Audio Tracks
3 Separate Training Modes for Forms, Combos, Sparring, and Fun!
1 Bonus – HaHa Carnival Challenge Track

What is this theme?
The Caped Crusade theme is inspired by superheroes that protect their city in the dark of night. Whether they are defending against crazy clowns or the average burglar, your students will love honing in their crime fighting skills with these audio drills.