Power Up PNO Action Kit




Your students and staff members will be going crazy for this PNO Action Kit! Featuring a new unique interactive audio drill, fun new games, and every piece of marketing material you could ever need, this Power Up PNO is sure to be your most popular one yet!

The Power Up PNO Action Kit includes:

  • Detailed Class Outline (Activities included: Stealth Tag, Design Your Power Band, Capture the Villain, Human Tug of War, Swedish Sushi, Capture the Power Stone, and the Team Power Up Battle! which is exclusive to Level Up Action Kits)
  • 6 Week Action Planner (Marketing and preparation guideline)
  • Team Power Up Music (Exclusive to Level Up Action Kits)
  • Parent Sign-in Sheets
  • Student Sign-up Sheet
  • Guest Safety Waiver
  • Flyers
  • 5 Facebook Ad Images
  • 3 Instagram Ad Images
  • Snapchat Geofilter & Instructions
  • 2 Email Templates