Super Hero PNO Action Kit




Your students will get to transform into their favorite Super Heroes in a night full of super hero games & fun!


  • Super Hero PNO Flyer
  • Weekly Action Planner
  • PNO Class Outline (Activities Included: Save Gotham, Thor’s Hammer Snacks, Capes & Crusaders Tag, Captain America Dodgeball, Spidey’s Obstacle Course, Super Hero Photo Booth, Hulk Smash! Board Breaking, Thor’s Hammer Toss, and Create-Your-Own Super Hero!)
  • PNO Sign-Up Sheet
  • PNO Parent Sign-In Sheet
  • PNO Safety Waiver
  • Save Gotham! (Interactive Audio Drill)
  • 2 Email Templates
  • 3 Facebook Ad/Event Images
  • 2 Create-A-Super Hero Coloring Templates
  • Snapchat Filter