Web Crawler Audio Drills




Level Up Audio Drills have become a must have experience for martial arts schools everywhere. Instructors have even started using these drills at school talks, assemblies, discovery days, & more because it adds an increased cool factor for kids everywhere!

Kids get the excitement of playing a video game with the action of a full workout. Kids will punch, kick, dodge, jump, and move their way through any techniques you teach at your school. Each audio track provides a different challenge for your students.

What’s Included?
11 Wall Crawler Audio Tracks
3 Separate Training Modes for Forms, Combos, Sparring, and Fun!
3 Video Tutorials

What is this theme?
This theme is inspired by everyone’s friendly neighborhood superhero. In this theme, your students will learn and perform basic jiu-jitsu techniques for the challenge mode. Don’t teach jiu-jitsu at your school? It’s okay we have video tutorials that will help you to easily pick-up these grappling basics.